DRIP’IN street art lithographs

DRIP’IN develops limited editions street art lithographs worked with artists from all over the world.

The DRIP’IN lithographs bring street art from urban walls to interior walls for a new artistic decoration experience.

As a nod  to the street artists, we mainly use stainless steel which is the type of steel on which they paint on in the streets.
Stainless steel is the perfect material for our lithograph as it is durable, bright and stiff. This is why stainless steel is widely used in architectural decoration and works of art. More over, due to its many specificities, it is also commonly used in the medical, food, or basic necessities fields.

Each edition of our street art lithographs is developed for months until it is totally approved and released for the series.

Cutting process

For optimal cutting of our lithographs, we use high quality stainless steel SS304 grade that we cut using a powerful laser beam. In order to protect the metal from cutting corrosion, we use nitrogen (an inert gas that does not generate heat). Above all, it prevents it from turning blue under the effect of heat.
To ensure a full control of the cutting process, we cut pieces one by one.

Polishing process

We take back each cut piece for polishing and deburring on the cutting lines. This hand-made operation is essential to ensure optimum preparation of the sheets before printing.

Printing process

This is the most delicate operation: all the colours, sharpness and alignment must be mastered. Indeed, we print our parts after cutting for an impeccable result.
This highly technical step implies that the print settings must be perfectly superimposed on the cutting key, in all directions.

All our edition are carefully controlled one by one prior to numbering and packing.