An engaged brand

DRIP’IN draws its inspiration from the art of the street and contributes to help those who live there


Driven by the conviction that urban art is a global movement contributing to positively change the lives of many people around the world, DRIP’IN shares its passion and acts for this movement.

If street art beautifies our cities and our streets, living on the streets is inhuman. This is why DRIP’IN is committed to working alongside associations that work every day to help the most vulnerable people, those who have no roof over their heads. DRIP’IN donates part of the proceeds of its sales to certain associations working in the field on a daily basis and ensures that its donations are used in a concrete way and serve their purpose: to help the most disadvantaged.

Emmaüs Solidarité is a major player in the fight against great precariousness and exclusion since 1954. Emmaüs Solidarité is unconditionally open to all people on the street.

DRIP’IN share Emmaüs Solidarité’s values,  commitment, respect and solidarity. For DRIP’IN, it is from the daily achievement of these values that DRIP’IN draws its energy to work efficiently, seriously and respectfully. We strive to create value in our actions in order to fulfill our mission: to give back to the street what the street offers us.

DRIP’IN is proud of its partnership with Emmaüs Solidarité and is happy to share these common values.