Steel lithograph – “Pallas & Judith” – Red edition – Demais


” Available edition. Delivery within 3 weeks”.

Graffiti artist Demais plays with a stunning graffiti style  the reunion of two of the most committed queens: Pallas & Judith

Limited edition of 99 pieces


Stainless Steel thickness 1.2mm laser cut

High Definition print – protective coating


L: 550mm x W: 545mm  (Depth: 32mm)

Wall mounting

Numbered edition with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist


Steel lithograph - "Pallas & Judith" - Red edition - Demais

Artist Demais

The artist Demais plays the reunion of two of the most committed queens: Judith, queen of femininity and love who did not hesitate to decapitate the head of her people's aggressor, opposed to Pallas, also called Pallas Athena, goddess of wisdom, craftsmen and artists, military strategy and schoolmasters.

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