What is committed art?

February 4, 2021



Definition of committed art

“Committed art is the use of the artist and his work for the benefit of a cause or a community.”

When you say commitment, you say values. Respect, sharing, the gift of self, time, money and exchange are values shared by DRIP’IN.
DRIP’IN also wishes to be committed to artists in order to defend with them the causes that are dear to them.  Theses causes can be social, environmental or animal.

Street art has been, from its beginnings, a field of expression to denounce inequalities, abuses, the impoverishment of cities and other forms of violence. Keith Haring and Basquiat were already fighting religious conservatism for the former, inequality for the latter and both racism.

Since then, street art has never ceased to be a strong vehicle for communicating these commitments, whatever they may be. Many artists are today committed and work with associations. Land artist Saype for instance is engaged with SOS Méditerranée. Artist Cez’Art mainly acts  for both the environmental and animal cause, to name but a few. 

El Seed anamorphosis in Cairo



We collaborate either with associations with which the artists are already involved or with our partner associations. Indeed this is notably the case with Emmaüs Solidarité in France, with whom we have signed a donation contract.

We also try to work locally in certain countries. This helps to raise people’s awareness and allows a stronger local resonance. As an example, we supported the Poussières de Vie NGO during an exceptional artistic event organised in November 2020 in Saigon, Vietnam (DRIP’IN House of Paint).

For this premiere in the country, DRIP’IN, together with local and international artists, grabbed a town house and completely repainted it. The artistic and charitable event raised 4000 USD during an auction of unique pieces painted for the occasion by street artists.

This money is used to finance access to school for street children, elementary care and vocational training for older children. DRIP’IN follows the actions undertaken by the association.

Emmaüs Solidarité helps people in needs
Poussières de Vie is involved in educational and vocational projects throughout Vietnam

This social mission seems obvious and right to us: if we draw inspiration from the best of the street through street art, we aspire to give back to those who live inhumanely on the streets.


The contribution is not only financial: convinced that art is also a means of maintaining links between centre residents and the community, we work with our artists to paint murals in reception centres and association structures.

As a source of emotion and exchange, we hope that these murals bring positive benefits to those who lack them so much.

DRIP'IN commitments at the House of Paint

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