The Happy Story about Street Art of Elsa Jeandedieu

Share a smile with street art


Having been involved in art since birth, Elsa enlivens her paintings with the smile on her sparkling face. In a city like Hong Kong where money is king and walls are grey, her sparkling murals bring illumination, joy and sweetness.

The year 2020 was a different year, bringing a deeper commitment to social causes.The #shareasmilehk project, created with her muralist partner Carol Bellese Choi, has a mission to bring joy to places where it is sorely needed.

Smiles for NGOs

Convinced that smiles are contagious, the two artists spread joy, immediately winning over the NGOs. The NGOs in Hong Kong, as everywhere in the world, do not exempt themselves from the ambient austerity of all these places of social aid.
Certainly, the latter are in demand of the comfort, energy and hope conveyed through these smiling characters.

This is the case for the NGO Impact HK, involved in helping the homeless, and the association Free to Run, which helps refugees to reintegrate into the city. The same goes for the Love 21 association working with autistic and Down’s syndrome people, as well as the Man Yee Wan recreation centre, a community space for the residents of the local town.

These 4 NGOs had the joy of having their walls sympathetically painted as part of the implementation of #shareasmilehk. The impact was immediately positive for both staff and occupants. They were touched by the spontaneous gesture, but also by the emotions generated by the murals. 

Making people happy makes people happy


The joy is shared, as Elsa Jeandedieu confirms: “I believe that it is intrinsic to the work of an artist to create to give, to create to share and to receive an emotion in return. It is important to me to create and give my time to charity in HK. The emotions I receive in return are the fuel for my creativity”.

This simple virtuous loop is an inherent part of DRIP’IN’s social commitment: we believe that art is a simple, easy and inexpensive way to positively impact the community. This seemingly modest contribution is actually a daily sunny inspiration in dark worlds.



 #shareasmilehk is growing

The #shareasmilehk art project is indeed gaining momentum. Supporting the charity cause, the two artists are sticking smiles made in Elsa’s studio on the walls of HK. Their wish is to spread as many positive vibes as possible and reach as many people as possible. The smiles are now displayed in many parts of HK, and are undeniably a source of inspiration in the daily life of Hongkongese.

DRIP'IN is inspired by Elsa jeandedieu and her smilling portraits

A smile for smiles : successful multiplication for Elsa

Art in the direct service of causes takes on its full meaning here, that of simply moving people.

Energised by the smiles she receives, supported by the associations that ask for more, the artist has all the emotions that favour her creativity.

There is no doubt that Elsa Jeandedieu will carry this positive vision of commitment far.

Hong Kong project #shareasmilehk by Elsa Jeandedieu

DRIP’IN commits to the “happiest” stories


DRIP’IN is committed to publishing each artist’s “Happy Story”, with the 3 most positive stories being determined by their number of likes.

The winner will receive a free steel lithograph of their work, and the next 2 winners will receive a free museum quality giclee print of their work.


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