DRIP’IN street art exhibition Paris – ACHETEZ DE L’ART Gallery



For its first street art exhibition in Paris, DRIP’IN is partnering with the ACHETEZDELART gallery.

From 12 to 31 March 2021, the eponymous gallery located at 24 rue de Lappe in Paris 11 (m° Bastille) will be exhibiting the colourful and roaring “LION KING” by French artist Céz’Art and the breathtaking “IMAGINATION” by American street artist Frenemy.


These two magnificent pieces stand alongside the gallery’s exceptional works. Indeed, objects and pieces by Invader, John Hamon, Arthur Simony and other talented artists are gathered for an exceptional exhibition dedicated to street art.

Gallery Achetez de l'Art at 24 rue de Lappe Paris
LION KING from Street artist CEZ'ART for DRIP'IN at ACHETEZDELART Gallery - Paris


DRIP’IN is in love with street art and acts for the greatest artistic movement of this century.
As a designer of objects in collaboration with international street artists, DRIP’IN’s mission is to bring art from the street walls to the walls of our homes.

The objects are directly inspired by the colourful murals painted by our artists all over the world. Thus, LION KING is painted on a wall of more than 20m long in Guéret – France, while IMAGINATION was painted on the wall of a large grocery shop in Oklahoma City – USA.


Street materials

DRIP’IN uses for these objects the same materials as those on which the artists paint: our lithographs are made of steel, like the trains, doors and technical rooms. In addition to the nod to the artists, these materials are sustainable, recyclable and meet our desire to minimize the use of plastic in our objects.

For these exceptional lithographs, DRIPIN uses stainless steel which is laser cut for a perfect result. We then print the work on the cut piece, with a special registration protocol that required more than 6 months of development.

Each edition is fully inspected, numbered and hand-packed in a box specifically designed for this unique object.


Limited editions

LION KING and IMAGINATION are limited to 99 pieces each worldwide.

Hand signed certificate by artists is provided with every artwork.

These two editions are also existing in triptych version for a wider scale object, LION KING TRIPTYCH and IMAGINATION TRIPTYCH.

DRIP'IN IMAGINATION from street artists FRENEMY at ACHETEZDELART Gallery - Paris
LION KING from street artist Cez'Art at ACHETERDELART Gallery - Paris

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