Saigon urban Arts festival 2021

Saigon Urban arts 2021

In 2021 the 1st Urban Arts Festival of Vietnam will be held, in which DRIP’IN will participate.

Since the end of the war in 1975, Vietnam has oriented the country towards a policy of domestic effort and reunification. Nevertheless, since the beginning of 2000, the country has been gradually opening up to external urban cultures, led by its youth, who represent 25% of the population.

Saigon street artist Daos performance live for DRIP'IN
Urban arts festival banner by French Institute in Vietnam

Music, dance and fashion

In just a few years, street culture and its many ramifications have penetrated the daily life of the Vietnamese. Today, more than 15 million Vietnamese follow rap programmes on digital channels. In the wake of Suboi, the Vietnamese rap star, many young rappers are asserting themselves through their compositions.

American-style breakdance shows are also increasingly popular and regularly reveal new talent. Vietmax, the reference in Vietnam, is very active on the scene and collaborates with many brands to promote this dance. Passionate graffiti artist at the same time, Vietmax regularly creates pieces on the walls and collaborates.

In the same trend, many fashion designers create their brands, concepts and clothes. They don’t hesitate to free themselves from local codes in favour of an international fashion, fresh and easy to wear.


Street art in Vietnam

Street art does not have a long history in Vietnam. For a long time confined to vandalism and quick tagging on city walls, it is now tending to develop and open up more formally. It follows the trend of this “street culture”, which a growing proportion of Vietnamese appreciate.  Indeed, this contemporary, colourful and new art perfectly matches their current state of mind.

It is with this in mind that DRIP’IN created the 1st entirely graffiti house in Vietnam in November 2020. This townhouse destined for destruction was transformed into a museum and a temporary art gallery. It allowed us to welcome more than 1000 people during its few weeks of activities.

It was while working with the artists in the house that we heard about the French Institute of Vietnam’s project for an urban arts festival in 2021. This directly confirmed to us what we had been perceiving for a while: the country is opening up to these urban arts that we love so much.

What is the Saigon Urban arts festival (SUAF) 2021?

SUAF is the 1st festival dedicated to street art and graffiti in Vietnam. The French Institute, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has chosen to specifically highlight this art for their cultural events this year of the buffalo.


The walls of the French Consulate in HCMC as a showcase

The festival will take place in 2 parts : a live session on the walls of the French Consulate in April, with about ten artists. Mostly  opened to Vietnamese, there will be some French artists too. They will work on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), goals signed by nearly 200 countries including Vietnam in 2015 and whose deadline for achievement is 2030.

The artists selected for this April session will be awarded a SDO, which they will have to work with the techniques that are dear to them.
The winners will be selected partly by the public and partly by a jury of which DRIP’IN is a member. They will receive various prizes, including a residency in France, to name but one.

After one month in Saigon, the travelling exhibition will travel from the South to the North of the country during the year. It will end in Sapa, near the Chinese border, for the Lunar New Year 2022.

The first painted facades in Saigon

In November, the highlight of the festivities will take place. This is the first time that the municipality of Saigon has agreed to open the facades of buildings to street art.

This event will bring together artists of different nationalities. They will all work to embellish Saigon’s facades.  In addition, this will be an opportunity to put Saigon on the map of painted cities where city art tours are flourishing.

Artists are happy, so is DRIP’IN

We spend time with the Vietnamese artists and have many discussions with them. They are very happy to experience this much hoped-for opening. They are excited about the many possibilities that will open up for them in the years to come.

We are also very happy for them, and we are proud to participate in the democratisation of street art in Vietnam. It is a unique opportunity to experience from the inside the penetration of this culture into society with the transformations it brings about.
We will tell you in detail about the course of these events, the emotions shared and the positive elements that will surely emerge this year.

Get inspired as we are and follow us.

IFV Frederique Horn with Street artist Suby at House of Paint DRIP'IN

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