SUAF2021- Press conference at the Residence of France at Saigon

Street artists vietnamiens avec Dominique MOUREY de DRIP'IN

Saigon Urban Arts Festival 2021

This morning, April 20th, 21, the press conference for the launch of the Saigon Urban Arts Festival took place at the Residence of France.

Many journalists were present for this historic event. The Vietnamese artists selected for the jam were also all there, beaming.

Besides the 2 leading artists SUBY ONE and DAOS 501 were Kleur, Zkhoa, Daes, Cresk, Đinh Nhật Khang and Vương Nhất Thuận.

The artists will paint on installations in the gardens of the French residence, with the public watching and voting for the most beautiful mural.

The introductory speech by the French Consul Mr Vincent Floreani was a moving one. Celebrating the beautification of the city, the growing economy developed around this art and the involvement of the Vietnamese authorities, it is a unique opportunity given to Saigon to be among the Asian cities committed to street art.

The other speakers, including Frédérique Horn from the French Institute of Vietnam, then presented the modalities of the inaugural jam, before the intervention of DAOS 501 and questions from journalists.


An exceptional event in an exceptional setting

The event promises to be as exceptional as its setting! Meet us in the gardens of the Residence of France on Saturday and Sunday.

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