Happy Story about Street Art : Maser

The HAPPY story of Maser – street artist in Vietnam

Street artist Maser, 23 years old, is living in Biên Hòa,  Đồng Nai province, in South Vietnam. He tells us his story with his friend’s grandpa Thích, 70 years old, who is delighted with his new artistic house wall. 

DRIP'IN is inspired by the street art mural of Maser in Vietnam
The happy street art story of Maser

Your are a street artist. You have encountered similar happy human experience. We would love to hear from you.

Street artist Maser and Thích, a transgenerational story

Maser is a young street artist currently living with his parents. Vietnam is a country of strong historical culture, one of the oldest in the world. Part of the East Asian cultural sphere, Vietnamese culture has certain characteristic features including ancestor veneration and worship, manual labor religious belief and respect for community and family values.

Maser settled back to his family hometown early 2020 and is currently living with his parents. Social pressure, government’s scrutiny  and his own family beliefs and culture are permanent hurdles for Maser to express his art as he wishes.

Despite the difficulties, Maser has continuously sought support around him. Eventually, his best friend’s grandpa, Thích, has decided to give him a hand by accepting last Dec 2020 to turn his humble townhouse walls into a fairy Christmas tale. Deal was done, Maser started to work.

After few days, the wall was painted, for the delight of both Thích and Maser. Grandpa says “the wall is beautiful, I’m so glad to have a new decoration which illuminate the whole street. Neighbors are also happy with the paint and they feel this as a positive change though they would not dare doing it on their own walls.

This precious support turned out to be very beneficial for the artist. Having the backing of the older ones, in addition to that of the local community, has helped to relieve the pressure from his parents and family circle.
In this hierarchical society with its strong traditions, this has sounded like a blank cheque given to the artist to emancipate himself and develop this art he loves so much.

Since then, Maser has been approched by one of his uncle who has a bigger and more visible wall, ready to be given to his artist’s nephew. Besides, Maser is participating to a street art live contest organized by the French Institute of Vietnam in April 2021.

DRIP’IN whished him all the best for this contest and will follow closely the development of Maser’s work in coming years.

DRIP'IN is inspired by the artist Maser and his Christmas mural

DRIP’IN commitment to the happiest stories

DRIP’IN is committed to publishing each artist’s happy story, the 3 most positive stories being determined by their number of likes.
The winner will receive a free steel lithograph of the artwork, and the next 2 winners will receive a free museum-quality giclée print of their work.

Results will be released on 21rst of April 2021 for the world day of Art. 

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