DRIP’IN ecosystem


DRIP’IN’s ecosystem and commitment to solidarity

Artists, craftsmen, creators, associations, designers, clients, all the people from all walks of life that we meet every day help us, each in their own way, to evolve.

From these encounters are born friendships, collaborations, creation and a tremendous desire to undertake and carry this project. The values of sharing, exchange, co-construction and commitment to solidarity transport us, encourage us and make us dream big.

It is therefore together that we make up this DRIP’IN ecosystem, which is meant to be virtuous: artists are put forward, are remunerated on the editions sold, and benefit directly from our technical expertise in the development of unique and quality objects.

Suby One and his artwork "Manip" for Drip'In

The associations benefit from an additional financial contribution that we pay them after the sale of the editions.

If money is obviously essential, we are also animated by the contribution of art in the reception centres. Indeed, we are convinced that urban art created in the reception structures is a simple, positive and inspiring means of connecting the links between the residents of the centres and the community.

 We can support charity projects in Asia, such as in Vietnam in late 2020, and explore opportunities in Europe, France and the UK.


This collaboration between DRIP’IN, artists and local actors has a common positive resonance which is essential for us.

 This adventure could not exist, finally, without its hard core of friends like Olivier, Jeremy, Ben, Li, Nacim, Sylvain, Estée, Baptiste, Arnaud, Laurence, Camille and all the artists Cez’Art, Frenemy, Demais, Simple Bao, Zdey, SubyOne, Knitter Esther GTHVN, Mate, Daos501, Lime, Kleur, Ties  who trust us, accompany and carry us.

 This trust honours us and invites us to surpass ourselves, for the greatest happiness of all.

#DRIP'IN neon tube

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