Can urban art revolutionise decoration?

November 24, 2021
The hotel reception hall entirely dedicated to urban arts

Urban art and decoration

Urban art is the biggest artistic trend of this beginning of the century. After being recognized by gallery owners, collectors, it is now obvious to us that urban art is a new element of decoration.

If it embellishes our cities, why shouldn’t it embellish our living spaces?

Street art colours our cities, brightens up our lives, and animates us on a daily basis. What thrills us on the outside obviously inspires us for our interiors.

We have this certainty.

We have this certainty that this popular and varied art offers an infinite palette of colours and forms that brings a complementary emotion and vibration to living spaces.
The integration of urban art through murals and objects in decoration is also an effective way of valuing the work of artists and being an actor in the movement. This positive and value-creating engagement offers beyond the aesthetic aspect a real support to the artists and their culture.

The integration of urban art through murals and objects in the decoration is also an effective way to value the work of the artists and to be an actor of the movement.

Stunning realist mural by Mate at DRIP'IN's House of Paint

A renowned architecture firm gets involved in street art

With this approach in mind, we are collaborating with international architecture firm Archetype Group and design firm YELLOW CAP for an innovative design and decoration experience.

Present in more than 15 countries with 22 offices, Archetype group has been involved for nearly 20 years in prestigious projects such as the MahaNakhon Tower in Bangkok, the Taj Mahal Palace in Bombay, the Capital Place (Four Seasons Group) in Jakarta, the Saigon Pearl in Ho Chi Minh City, the Siem Reap International Airport in Cambodia, the Galeries Lafayette in Shanghai, the ADB Tower in Abidjan or the Regional Council building in Paris.

For a new decorating experience

It is by exchanging with these experts in architecture and decoration that we have developed this common vision, starting from the same observation that today’s hotel guest is looking for much more than just a night or a dinner. It is the whole experience of well-being, immersion and interaction in a space designed as a whole that is now in demand.

Social networks amplify this phenomenon; people are actors in their own communication and become the relays of their pleasure and discovery.

Facade of the hotel La résidence Azerai

Beyond decoration

In collaboration with talented artists, inventive decorators, landscaping experts and lighting and sound specialists, we have created a concept that combines the codes of urban art with those of architecture and decoration and integrates climatic, technical and aesthetic skills for today’s habitat.

Integrating man into a thoughtful and respected environment, we contrast art and nature, colours and monochromes, indoor and outdoor living spaces in a creative paradox.

Hotel reception entirely dedicated to street art
An innovative vision of deco and design

Respectful environmental planning

Designed to serve natural air circulation, the building meets strict specifications in the choice of materials and their assemblies, and participates in respectful environmental planning.

Natural light is favoured, enhanced by soft light, conducive to well-being and electronically assisted to interact with the environment as it is needed.

Vihls mural inspiration for DRIP'IN concept
Arty lounge decorated by DRIP'IN
pool side mural
DRIP'IN furnitures and murals inspired by Retna for this lounge

Talented artists

A sleek and elegant overall design enhanced by furniture with balanced shapes asserts a resolutely contemporary style highlighting exclusive decorations signed by the greatest street artists: Vilhs, Retna, Pichiavo, Zdey, Simple Bao, MadC1, and Mate2.

Urban art is also closely associated with the furniture and wall lithographs designed by DRIP’IN.

Urban art, landscape art, and sound art

The art interacts with that of the landscape, here celebrated by the exclusive use of local species for a sustainable and respectful development of plants in perfect adaptation to the elements. The choice of low night-time light pollution adds to the respect of the fauna and flora.


Finally, imagine yourself wandering through these spaces, inspired by your indoor and outdoor environment, to the sound of a playlist specifically crafted to perfect this unique and sensory experience.

Collectively we build, decorate, and interact

This vision reflects the strength and impact of street art in our daily lives. This visual art fits perfectly into our living spaces. It is with this conviction that our collective of experts works to build an experience, enhance its environment and create interaction with the whole.

DRIP'IN & Archetype Group for this unique hotel concept

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