Bao and Demais street art exhibition in Hong Kong

November 8, 2021
Vietnamese street artist with Dominique MOUREY, founder of DRIP'IN

Street artists Bao and Demais in exclusive exhibition in Hong Kong

Urban art is celebrated at L’épicerie fine HK gallery with an exclusive presentation of works produced by the two artists Bao and Demais for DRIP’IN.

Bao: the street artist who sweetens Hong Kong

Bao is THE street artist of Hong Kong, whose growing fame is matched only by her talent and generosity. Her commitment and passion to brightening up the city’s austere streets is recognised today. The artist’s ambition is to inspire the hurried city dwellers who flock to the city’s streets in their millions.

The artist has always had a passion for his work.

For as long as he can remember, Bao has drawn his inspiration from mangas and Asian culture. His features are accurate, the emotions are perceptible and they bewitch us.

Really gifted, Bao is also prolific. She draws and paints with speed, allowing her to concrete the bubbling inside her.

Her graphic mastery offers her opportunities to evolve in all media, and it is with relish that she paints the minibuses, trams and other walls of Hong Kong.

Smiling, warm artist, her universe is populated by dreamlike characters who answer her. The sets are poetic, harmonious, gentle. Each mural is a story into which we plunge with delight, recalling childhood memories while letting ourselves be lulled by her imagination.

Bao makes tired city dwellers dream

This is how Bao wants to offer his art to Hongkongers, stressed by this city and its hectic city life. To the harshness of life she opposes the softness of the characters. She responds to the austerity of the walls with pastel, soft, well-tuned colours.

This creative force of positivity and gentleness, driven by this little piece of woman in this world of skyscrapers is extraordinary in its rightness and need. Thank you Bao for the happiness you spread.

Demais, the applied art of graffiti

The artist Demais is a pure of graffiti lettering. Trained as a teenager by his brother, he has never stopped painting frantically. Now based in Hong Kong, Demais certainly keeps the fire for graffiti alive and paints walls whenever the opportunity arises. Thus, for more than twenty years, the artist has been evolving his art and trying new techniques to always perfect it.

This long experience of graffiti allows him to measure that the number of graffiti connoisseurs is constantly increasing. However, he also knows that few of them really understand this art.  In fact, he willingly makes himself available to share his passion and exchange with others on the codes and values of graffiti.

Evolving with the 5D crew, he handles the spray with perfect dexterity. This is the prerequisite for making his incredible lettering. Each piece is unique, with stretching, rounding, shading, relief. They impact with their shapes, colours and reflections. Demais’ graffiti is pure and clean.

Thoughtful and constructed graffiti

The art of graffiti requires careful work that the artist claims. Whether in his drawings, in his preparations or on the walls, we find this purity of lines, of a well-made gesture. If Demais is passionate, he is also a graffiti aesthete.

Demais is one of those humble, respectful artists, observers of the evolution of society. He is as concerned with the gaze of his peers as he is with the perception and questions of the public. He likes his pieces to be appreciated by graffiti artists, an essential element of recognition, but also by amateurs.

Bringing the movement together with other artists, Demais contributes to bringing graffiti art towards its recognition in the global art landscape.

Demais for Drip’in: an exclusive collaboration

The artist has produced an exclusive series of lithographs for DRIP’IN, combining the codes of graffiti with those of playing cards. The result is stunning, matching the duality of the queen of hearts Pallas, and Judith, her rival queens of spades.

Demais illustrates through this card all the modernity of graffiti in the opposition of these two queens. He plunges us into his universe with great detail, and delivers a raw and strong work.

The artist has also created an original work of art.The artist has also created two magnificent pieces, illustrating the eternal dilemma of love and hate. Thus, Love and Hate were painted side by side on a wall in a Hong Kong village, in an infinite reciprocity.

The artist, who is a member of the Hungarian National Council, has also created two beautiful pieces, illustrating the eternal dilemma of love and hate.The artist, through these pieces, brings graffiti to its rightful level of nobility, that of a strong, universal and recognized art.


Created in 2016 by Baptiste Droniou, L’Epicerie Fine aims to promote the Street Art movement by working with and presenting the works of several artists.

Specialising in Asian and European street artists, all artworks are carefully selected to highlight the value and work of the artists. Voluble with his clients and fans, Baptiste engages fans in the movement and is an active promoter of urban art.

We share the same values and passion for this art that inspires us every day. This collaboration between DRIP’IN and L’EPICERIE FINE HK is natural and simple, and a great lever for the promotion of the artists that are dear to us.

Thank you Baptiste, congratulations to Bao and Demais for their work which delights us all.

Get inspired – DRIP’IN

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