We love urban art, we respect artists, we are “real”

What drives us are the encounters and the sincerity of the relationship with our clients, artists and partners.  It is together that we collectively undertake to create this bridge between what seduces us on the street and what nourishes our daily lives, inside our home.

Lead by our passion for Street Art, we are committed to contribute to the movement and keep inspiration flowing.

Melbourne street art 2021

Our mission

 Artists, craftsmen, creators, associations, designers, clients, all the people from all walks of life that we meet every day help us, each in their own way, to evolve.

From these encounters are born friendships, collaborations, creation and a tremendous desire to undertake and carry this project.

The values of sharing, exchange, co-construction and commitment to solidarity transport us, encourage us and make us dream big.


DRIP'IN pink neon tube at House of Paint

Our Materials

Our objects are made of the same materials as those on which artists paint. For example, our trains are developed in ceramic, in reference to the tiles of the world’s subways. Our lithographs are made of stainless steel, like the train sets, technical boxes and doors. Finally, our furniture are made of wood, concrete, glass and steel, and we mix materials for unique assemblies.

This choice of materials is not only a nod to our artist friends, but also an ecological choice. Indeed, we try not to use plastic in our processes as well as our products.This leads to increased complexity as our materials are technical to work with, but we believe it is our duty to work out solutions and respect our commitment.

Drip’in’s commitment to solidarity

The associations benefit from an additional financial contribution that we pay to them after the sale of the editions.

If money is obviously essential, we are also animated by the contribution of art in the associations’ premises.

Indeed, we are convinced that adding urban art on these particular walls  is a simple, positive, inspiring and inspiring way to connect the links between the residents of the centres and the community.

Emmaüs Solidarité helps people in needs
Poussières de Vie is involved in educational and vocational projects throughout Vietnam

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